I have been working on a project a friend and I started at the company I previously worked at. It’s essentially a framework-framework. A conglomeration of things to use to easily create a web application.

The big pieces:
Zend Framework

In other words, if you know how to use those, you can easily create something with Crystal.

The included bootstrap file takes a config file, sets up all of your general MVC stuff. The way it is set up allows you to easily add modules to your application to the mix as well.

I am using this now in a work project containing over 1 million records and so far it is working great and makes it easy to work with. I’m also using it in a few other personal projects.

A huge problem I have had with frameworks before is the rigidity within them. To do some things you have to code around the framework, which is just silly. With this, I just take the pieces I want, when I need them. The structure is relatively loose so you can drop in whatever components you want.

I’ve kept the name we originally started with (Crystal), but that may change. If I get some interest in it, I will open up the code repository (subversion) for checkouts.

There are a few other custom pieces as well, which fix certain bugs or modify some functionality, but they don’t get in your way. There is also an automatic form builder (based on your model structures). The framework will also automatically pack your javascript libraries and etag them as well as css files so you have a speedy site.

I’ll post some example code as soon as time permits.