Engadget: 24x SSD drives + raid = 2GB/s, 6TB

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Gordo want.

24 Samsung SSDs get strung together for supercomputer fun

By Donald Melanson on supercomputer 


It wasn’t all that long ago when a mere nine SSD drives in a RAID array was enough to cause most folks’ jaws to drop, but the world of ridiculous technology exercises moves quickly, and we can only be thankful that a select few continually feel the need to one-up each other and share their results with all of us. This latest effort comes from a group enlisted by Samsung (in a not too thinly disguised marketing exercise), who paired up 24 SSDs in a RAID array totaling 6TB in size. Even more impressive than that, however, is the 2GB per second throughput speed they managed to achieve, which they naturally spared no expense in demonstrating — as you can see in the video after the break.  

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Zendcon…time to head home

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I was at Zendcon this weekand it was pretty fun.  Unfortunately one of the primary reasons for going was missed as the certification seats were in extremely short supply and Zend was not able to correct the issue.  I would at some point like to get ZCE (and they just started ZFCE (Zend Framework Cert…)).

The convention itself was pretty good.  The speakers were usually well-prepared and were very knowledgeable on the subject matter.  I’ve learned a few things and have a few more tools I’d like to try once we get back to Phoenix (I went with two co-workers).

We did some sight seeing Monday and Thursday.  Monday afternoon we went into San Francisco (which took 3 trains to get there, and another to get across town to Pier 39).  On our way back that night we went through Chinatown, where I could not help but buy some delicious gummies.  On Thursday afternoon, Ivan and I went to find the Winchester Mansion (essentially a real version of the Rose Red story by Stephen King).  A very bizarre house.  I will post pictures when I get home.

That’s it for now.  Must find food before plane.