Google’s Chrome Browser

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For those who haven’t heard yet, Google has released their new browser “Chrome”. 
For some info (in comic book form no less):

It’s using the webkit engine under the hood, and a javascript engine called V8 which is supposed to be a ton faster since it’s supposed to interpret javascript directly into machine language.  I’ve been playing with it for an hour now and have not seen any issues.  Another big difference from current browsers is that each tab of the browser is a completely separate process.  In other words, if you close that tab, that memory is completely reclaimed…so no more browser instance eating up 200M of memory even though you currently only have a tab with the google search page on it.  The javascript engine is supposed to be much better about memory leaks as well.

I’ll be testing it out on some web applications at work tomorrow.

Here are a few speed tests I ran it through so far: (chrome: 0.16s, firefox: 1.05s)

Some speed tests by someone else: The jquery section of these tests completed twice as fast in Chrome as they did in FF3.

FF lovers, don’t despair though.  I hear FF3.1 will have some impressive speed improvements.  If anyone’s running ff3.1 beta, I’d like to hear some comparisons.

Chrome is available at